Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goodbye Steve, You Will Be Missed.

Steve Jobs
I can't say anymore what already has been said about Steve Jobs. He was a visionary, a legend, and a one of kind person that doesn't come by enough. Thank you for inspiring millions and shaping the future. Steve, you will be missed. The first computer I remember using, and understanding how to use it, was a Mac my Uncle Bernie had upstairs at his house. I would look forward to going to his house to just draw using the paint brush program on it.  All I can think to say now is to quote Steve from a speech he gave about being the person you want to become and following your dreams:

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Facebook Timeline is still buggy

I'm testing the new Facebook Timeline. I like it so far but It's still buggy. Hey Mark Z., listen up:

  • Time line thinks it know my important updates
    Facebook's recognition algorithms highlights certain updates because it was either heavily liked or commented on. For example on December 25th, 2009 I had a influx of comments on my wall because my friends were giving me support. That morning I posted on my blog and Facebook that my dad had a heart attack. I could not find that particular update to highlight in the timeline. That was a big moment in my life and I want to at least mark it in my timeline. 
  • Events should be associated with Video or pictures
    Right now you can add big events in your life and associate them with a picture. i.e. Birth, buying a home, marriage, marathon etc. Some events I made video or recorded video. As of now you can either choose an existing photo you have already uploaded, or one that you were tagged in. Facebook should let us associate video or photo. 
  • Mass Date updates in pictures
    Some times you will take a bunch of photos and upload them to one photo album. You should have the ability to take X amount of photos and be able to mass update there location, date, and tags. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I activated my Facebook Timeline Early. My first thoughts are...

Image from
I couldn't wait till October 2. I activated the new Facebook Timeline profile early. Thank you for that nifty article. Any way here are my first thoughts on the timeline profile layout.

  1. It remembers everything you posted since you started Facebook.Very scary but cool at the same time.
  2. According to the Tour, you can click on the settings button on any "event" and hide said "event" or posting from the public.
  3. It's like an electronic photo album/ diary
  4. I've added some of my athletic events and my first day of camp to my time line just to keep track. 
  5. It' very easy to get addicted updating this new profile. 
As I play with it I'll keep you posted on any more thought or concerns I might have. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Can we get Q101 back on Chicago radio air waves? Fan it on Facebook to start.

So I got an email today from Q101:

The bottom line is, "they" don't think WE matter....

Who are "they"?  Please read this entire email.

"They" think they can make more money by reading news stories.
"They" think people who listen to Alternative have no buying power.

"They" are the radio dinosaurs.  They are the people in control…or are they?

What do you think?
We think they're wrong!

The truth is, stations like Kiss and B face the same issue.  But you know why those stations are still around?

Even though Kiss and B face the same prejudices from the dinosaurs controlling radio, they manage
to stay alive…

Why is that?

The reason is simple.  The audience for those stations is mobilized and active.  Guess which stations in Chicago
have the largest Facebook fan base, by a MILE.

Yep, B and Kiss.  They each have over 100,000 fans.  Q101 has 40,000.  Most of the other stations in Chicago have less than 40,000.

So what does it all mean?  If Q101 has 100,000 fans we'll get our alternative back on the radio?

Put it this way.  IF we have 101,000 fans of Q101 on Facebook….think the chances are better?

Of course they are.  Why?  Because of what it means.  It means the audience cares.  It means the audience took time to click like.  It means we can reach the audience.  That's HUGE.  If we can reach the audience, we can tell them where the new station is.  If we can reach the audience, we can show advertisers WE MATTER.

Imagine what happens if we have 200,000 Facebook fans….without a radio signal.  It tells the industry we have DOUBLE the power and reach of radio stations that bill $18 million a year.

Here's how we get to 101,000 fans...

About 20,000 people will open this email.  Less will read it.  It was sent to WAY more.
Let's say 10,000 people read this.  If you send a little note to your Facebook friends how many do you think will "like" Q101?

Think you can influence 6 "likes"?

Multiply that by 10,000.  Boom.  We're in the game.

Try it.  I'm going to do it right now.  Let's see what happens.

Thanks for your support!

Co-Owner Q101

P.S.  We know how the radio business works.  We have a combined 30 years in the business, and while getting 101,000 Facebook fans doesn't guarantee anything, it will go a LONG way.  There's a lot we're working on behind the scenes and when we put all the pieces together (with you) we can make BIG things happen.  Tell your friends….tell your family.  Share this stuff on Facebook and Twitter…and we'll do our part!
The only rock station we have left in Chicago in 95.1 Will Rock. I like will rock I just like having an "alternative" when commercials are on or something new on.

Any way if you listened to q101 and want it back it won't hurt to fan the page.

How to save the US Postal Service Thousands of dollars!

I have an idea on how to save the US post office thousands of dollars... Don't deliver on Saturdays. How many of you guys are sending your bills via email? We don't need weekend service. How many people use email or facebook to communicate with friends, coworkers, and customers? At least I sure don't. All I get is junk mail. We don't need mail 6 days a week.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Do you think Hollywood is out of ideas or just lazy?

I pose a question to you. Do you think Hollywood is out of ideas or just lazy? Everything is a reboot these days. The movie.Spider-Man is being rebooted. There is a new Charlie Angels TV show coming to ABC. Cartoon Network even re vamped Thundercats.

Netflix vs. Hulu Plus: And the Winner is...

If you haven't heard, Netflix recently raised their subscriptions prices (Click Here for details from the Huffington Post). In the past you can get a Blu Ray sent to your home and Unlimited Streaming from $12 a month. This was awesome for me because what ever I couldn't get streaming I got on disc.
This month, Netflix changed their subscription plans. Now unlimited streaming option and the BluRay disc option are $8 a piece. So now that Netflix and Hulu Plus are on equal footing price wise, I sat down on my iPad and played around with both streaming services.
To get the B.S. out of the way Netflix is the winner...for now. Why you my ask?

What Netflix has that Hulu does not have...

  • Neflix has no commercials! Hulu has commercials before, during, and after your show or movie.  
  • Netflix has more content than Hulu. This may change if Starz does not renew it's contract in February. (Click Here for details from the Huffington Post.) This is where the "for now" comes in. I will come back to that at the end of the blog. Some examples of Netflix exclusive content are:
    • Every single Star Trek Series, select DC movies (Batman cartoons, Superman), The entire Marvel Comic Books Cartoon Catalog, BBC shows like Doctor Who and Torchwood, Disney movies like "Toy Story 3" and "Princess and the Frog", weird cult classics like UHF, "Hobo with a Shotgun", and "The Human Centipede"
  • All Netflix content can be streamed via App to your iPad and video gam e console. Some content is limited to the web on Hulu Plus.  
Hulu does have some things to toot it's horn about as well:
  • Current shows such as Bones, 30 Rock, Teen Wolf, Hell's Kitchen, Jersey Shore, Ugly Betty, Naruto, Tosh.O and Ugly Americans are updated to the latest episodes:
    • Hulu has partnerships with Fox, Walt Disney, NBC Universal which keeps these going. 
  • You can view clips of shows i.e. SNL skits instead of trying to watch and cycle through an entire episode for. 
As I stated earlier, Netflix is the winner for now because it has more content and no commercials.  Netflix can't renew it's deal with the Starz Network, they are going to lose content like all the Disney movies and BBC shows come February 28th. 
We live in an interesting time. We are seeing less and less Blockbuster stores and more Redbox kiosks popping up. We have Comcast/Xfinity letting you stream selective content as well or you can buy a-la-carte from the iTunes store. There are even rumors that Yahoo is buying Hulu (Click Here For Details from It will be very interesting to see who wins in the next five years. Let your dollars do the voting.